2020 Week of Health Empowerment, Non-Violence and Opportunities

October 10-18, 2020

Dedicated to All the Victims of Racist Violence in America


2020 Week of Health Empowerment, Non-Violence and Opportunities

October 10-18, 2020

Dedicated to All the Victims of Racist Violence in America

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Week of Non-Violence

Congressman John Lewis lending his support to the National Week of Nonviolence. He speaks from his heart about the power of non-violence and his personal experiences.


  • More than 100,000 Americans Who Died from Covid-19 Virus, as of June 21, 2020
  • More than 23,000 African Americans or 23% of the Deaths from Covid-19 Virus
  • And All of the Victims of Racist Violence in America

Empower the Health of Black Americans by Getting Rid of Pre-Existing Conditions!


The Week of Health Empowerment, Non-Violence and Opportunities is an opportunity for individuals, organizations, youth, Millennials, Faith Institutions, business leaders, athletes, Educators and everyone else to organize large and small events to promote non-violence, peace and getting along.

You are invited to schedule your own event in your own neighborhood to inform youth that they can master their anger, and learn conflict resolution and anti-bullying skills.

Dedicated to Victims of Violence

“Changing the Culture of Violence in America and the World”

George Floyd

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 47 year old father of 5 children; Christian Mentor and Security Guard

Breonna Taylor

Louisville, Kentucky, 26 year old Emergency Medical Technician

Ahmaud Arbery

Brunswick, Georgia, 25 year old Jogger and Electrician Student

Rayshard Brooks

Atlanta, Georgia 27 year old Construction Worker

Botham Jean

Dallas, Texas Worship leader, 26 year old Accountant

Elijah McClain

Aurora, Colorado, 23 year old Introvert, Violinist, pet lover, vegetarian

And All the Victims of Racist Violence in America

National Officers

Black Women for Positive Change

Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, District of Columbia

National Co-Chair

Daun S. Hester, Norfolk Treasurer, Virginia

National Co-Chair

Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, Maryland

Prayer Leader and Chaplain

Karen Carrington, District of Columbia

National Vice Chair and Co-Chair, Media Outreach

Charlene Ligon, Omaha, Nebraska

Web Designer

Bernadette Tolson, Cheltingham, Maryland

Co-Chair, Media Outreach

Pat Duncan, Chair Denver Colorado

Corresponding Secretary

Diane Wood, Alexandria, Virginia

Recording Secretary

Week of Health Empowerment, Non-Violence and Opportunities Steering Committee

Lisa Hughes

Cincinnati, Ohio, National Coordinator

Dr. Georgia Dunston

Kensington, Maryland

Diane Wood

Alexandria, Virginia

Dr. Valda Crowder

Bethesda, Maryland

Pastor Ann Coles

Bowie, Maryland

Frank Malone

The 100 Fathers Inc.

Week of Health Empowerment, Non-Violence and Opportunities City Chairs 

Carthenia Jefferson, Esq, Chair

Birmingham, Alabama

La Tanya Mathis, Chair

Phoenix, Arizona

Diane Mitchell Henry, Co-Chair

Los Angeles, CA

Jan Perry, Co-Chair

Los Angeles, California

Rev. Oliver Buie, Co-Chair

Los Angeles

Good Brother Frank Malone, Co-Chair

District Of Columbia

Danyelle Smith, Co-Chair

Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Crystal Francis, Co-Chair

Baltimore, Maryland

Katrina Coleman, Co-Chair

Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Daisy Harmon-Allen, Chair

Maymont and Chicago, Illinois

D.G. Mawn, Chair

Louisville. Kentucky National Association of Community Mediation

Diane Powell, Chair

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, Honorary Chair

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Alicia Ward, Co-Chair

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dr. Chrissie Middleton, Co-Chair

Spartenburg, South Carolina

Fannie Allen, Co-Chair

Alexandria, Virginia

Zhanna, Co-Chair

London, United Kingdom


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